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Nothing is nothing,
Something is nothing,
Everything is nothing,
A man is just a man,
A beast, is still a beast,
Flesh is flesh,
and bones will break,
but nothing quite hurts like this,
A twist, a turn, and yet again,
Everything is nothing,
and nothing remains the same,
Chemicals enter my body,
Not quite toxic, yet not quite sane,
Bones are still bones,
and I've felt them break,
but not quite like this
Helplessness engulfs me,
I enter the void,
I become nothing.
and nothing is everything.
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Get Up
Days and years led up to this moment,
Whiplash from all the sights, and memories,
Fears and thoughts are all freed in this morning,
Where life and death are met in one sweet moment,
at the death of night, and the dawn of day,
Living wasn't so complicated after all,
Life was indeed beautiful,
Teardrops were turned into waterfalls,
and the best times of your lives kept getting better,
Your heart kept beating throughout it all,
It's everything you've dreaded, and were hoping for,
This one moment, still forever in time,
exists for only a moment,
and once that moment's gone,
It's time to get up.
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A world around me is spinning about in chaos,
Am I a friend or foe to myself?
Who can love a monster, that within himself is but a man?
Lost amongst myself as I reach my reckoning,
Whether it be the end, or yet another beginning,
I am terrified,
For that which is lost shall remain lost,
And that which is found will soon be lost,
The point has been lost within my brain,
And I am terrified,
So remain terrified,
for it truly shows your sanity,
Show the fear in your eyes as you look upon your friend,
Let them know your fear, let them taste your agony,
Just like you've always tasted theirs,
Protect your friends,
because in the end,
They'll be terrified too.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
What have I done?
Never before have I felt my heart so intertwined with another,
That I feel like her past, was indeed my past,
And her future, my future,
I feel as though my entire life was just a mindless wandering within a murky fog, but alas!
I have finally found the light at the end of this darkness,
My heart beats for hers, and yet, I find myself dissatisfied,
What is this person to me other than a total stranger?
What could possibly be such a strong force between us both?
In the end the truth is not so easily revealed, but found nonetheless,
Hearts are fragile, fickle, and unkind,
perhaps even masochistic,
yet through it all, the answer is there, within the fog,
So when I found my future, I simply stopped dwelling on the past,
I let the present come to me, and with it, the fury of a thousand suns,
I hold on to every moment as though it were my last on this very Earth,
Yes, I will say it, I am in love.
but it's the thought of having loved then lost that really gets me in the end.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 1 0
Speak to me, god
The quiet is sublime,
In space there is no sound,
Mystical twangs of hidden guitars,
as the universe spins round and round,
Until the comet comes,
Like a flash of truth upon your eyes,
Not merely one, but multiple,
Soon your knowledge picks out the lies,
Your heart knows the truth,
Floating driftless off in space,
as you begin to ponder
Why the stars began to race,
Further apart,
and further still,
as they shot into darkness,
apparently at their own will,
A voice speaks to you,
Out of the darkness it whispers,
"Come to me, my child"
and your drifting suddenly changes, as though rehearsed,
Your body flies one way,
Your mind another,
and again all these flashing lights appear,
"Your heart was once true, but no longer,
I will find your true self, you need not fear,
As long as you remain true to who you thought you could be
then you need not need me here,"
So flying back to Earth,
Drifting back to the house that you found,
You slowly began to realize,
That in space there is no sound,
You m
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True names
What is a name anyway?
Cold as a whisper
and as dark as the night,
Soft as a sunrise,
elegant in nature,
yet so much more, and so much less,
So forget your name,
cast it into the shadows along with your identity,
Hope that all will know the way,
and eventually you'll find who you really are,
Lost are we among our names,
leading ourselves in endless concentric circles,
Everlasting you will find,
real names come from the inside.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 1
The dance of life is beginning again,
Broken as it was before,
A glance into your eyes,
and once again I am born,
I had forgotten who I was,
and who I was meant to be,
but simply a touch from your hand,
and I was set free,
Take me down the road,
Of all things known and unknown,
I will follow you into the darkness,
Where finally everything will be shown,
Lead me on,
Lead the way,
It matters not,
In my heart you will stay,
Broken was my heart before,
and healed as it is now,
I finally have begun to realize,
What love is actually about,
I can love,
be loved,
In return.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 1 0
The Earth is not a cold, dead place,
The sun has lightened it enough, to be sure,
but life is what makes it different,
In the end, it's the closest thing to pure,
For our souls are what flicker like the sun,
and glisten and shine for everyone,
Yes, our hearts are what warm the seas,
and bring light to the surface, through the trees,
Without this life, the earth will change,
and we will be left, unable to rearrange,
our hearts are only temporary, and our souls are just the same,
If anything were to happen, it would be us to blame.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
The light shines deeply on a fallen branch,
A summer's breeze fills the air,
through the ruined framework,
and past the rubble, and the embers,
Tears and sadness could not quell the flame,
and prayers to any god could not stop the torment,
It all had to end in anger,
and brokenness, with loss of faith,
Burning inside itself,
A house that was so much more,
A state of mind, a praise of self worth,
A tear that shows the truth,
What are humans?
Who do we pose to ourselves?
Of what do we have to prove until we die?
What good can we do that others cannot?
Roses grow by the branch,
Filling the darkness and brokenness with beauty,
Fragileness fills the heart,
and the branch is quickly forgotten,
but not by me,
The beauty quickly surpasses the dispair,
and the farewell is part of something good,
but the summer must come to an end,
whether we wish it or not,
and the hearts that were warmed by the breeze and the petals,
Will turn to ice like everything else,
So the tones and the fixtures lighten
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
Like a rose in it's bed of flowers,
You sit, unbeknownst of your beauty and complete perfection,
Fast asleep you lay,
Like things were always this way,
Meant to be as perfect as a rose among other lesser flowers,
or perhaps an angel among us humans,
or perhaps the sun amongst the sky,
Like a webbing of petals and vines you entwine me,
Into an immense puzzle,
Finally see the pieces fit,
and mine,
So glued together, and tight a fit,
That we forget that we were broken in the first place,
and I have finally found a heaven on Earth,
Right here in your arms.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
I feel the broken tone again,
The loss of luster,
The return of monotany,
The breaking of my soul,
This perfect fifth,
became a minor third,
slowly crescendo-ed into sevenths,
and chords not yet found,
Rising again,
and falling,
With a bass so elegant,
Yet divine,
The elegy, became a serenade,
A serenade to faults,
and darkness,
and depression,
The emptyness is filled now,
With stress, and other emotions,
Love is still there,
Just overpowered, by illusions.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
The Room
Whiteness surrounds you, and you're covered in blood,
The crowd looks on, and you cry,
Cut from the world you knew,
and removed from the things that gave you life,
This moment will slowly drive away all sanity...
The first day, you've made it here,
The colored walls seem somewhat familliar,
and the bright faces blindly ignorant to the truth,
This is the place,
The one true place that will make you complacent,
The one true place where you lose all control,
The one true place where everyone is the same,
and everyone hates you, like you hate them...
The last day, and thank god,
The blank walls look boring to you,
and the sullen faces just reflect your own,
This IS the place,
The place that held you captive for so long,
The place where you've become one of them,
The place where you've destroyed what was you,
and replaced it with an ox...
You made it, this is it,
The room where everything happens,
Where you finally become one with yourself,
and everyone watches like before,
This i
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 1 3
Spirit burns
A multitude of flickers surround your eyes,
one fell from torment; the others, your cries,
It seems as though your house is on fire,
and nothing can be the cure,
but simply sit, and i'll explain, how it is of the pure,
You wallow in your sadness,
and sing a new, sad song,
and wonder how you had that luck,
and never think positively long,
It makes me tremble,
that you may be right,
that all of us are broken,
equal grounding in our plight,
but something tells me different,
something deep inside,
call it human spirit,
or perhaps a place to hide,
You've given up, that's what I see,
and no strength to carry on,
your broken timbers break your back,
and fall upon your lawn,
Who will help you through the rubble,
and guide you past your shame,
you may think and wonder,
but it's only you to blame,
So yes, we sit, and nursingly,
I show you all the ash,
and then we learn, inside ourselves,
that you were fairly rash,
until i look unto my right,
and realize the facts,
that my house had been in ember
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 1 0
Dear Diary of Illusions
Her lips were dried and cracked,
but I couldn't care less,
My long lost goal was finally achieved,
Even in that slight distress,
It's too bad that she feels differently,
Like it's her fault, or mine,
because I'm just happy she made an effort,
Otherwise we're doing fine.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
Riddle of the Sphinx...
Let's see how much you realize,
In what I attempt to say,
The thing is really quite ironic,
and usually begins with J,
A special person has this job,
In which you'll always know,
A nice little scepter and a fancy hat,
Follows him wherever he goes,
So finally it comes to a head,
and this you'll never guess,
Who in the world does these things,
...and never goes away!
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 0 0
Everyone wants to go to heaven,
but no one's willing to die,
Some people want to be angels,
but they're also afraid to fly,
The end of all the things we've seen,
Have left us looking in between,
Of everything we've seen before,
and what we'll always see, forevermore.
:iconwordoflife:WordofLife 1 0

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I try not to think to critically about anything, for example my username, WordofLife, try not to confuse me with someone being tremendously religious. The name means more of a representation to me in becoming a better writer, artist, musician, etc. than a reference to religious texts.

Enough about that however, despite being an artist myself, odds are I wont be posting much here for you to see, due to the lack of a critical component of a camera... lol. So i guess you'll just have to suffer through my dull and enigmatic ramblings till i get the ball rolling eh? By the by, if you find time, I have been looking at writing a piece for band; work in progress mind, but I have all of the things I've written songwise on this link, be sure to check out saving the day, terribly proud of it! :)…
I'm going on a slight hiatus... for a GREAT reason! I'm going on TOUR! I would say "look for me in..." but honestly, you shouldn't, haha XD soooo... I'll be back sometime in mid april, for more writing, but for right now, I will be playing music for all of the people that want to hear it... If that makes sense... So, don't think of it as a goodbye, but a temporary abscence, I'll be back! haha :D


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